Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mach 5 Poster

Just finished up this 24x36 poster of the Mach 5 for the Alamo Draft House
Speed Racer opening event. The light blue lines glow in the dark.

see it large here....
Speed Racer


itworksdesign said...


Got to know your work from flikr and after browsing all your website I became a fan, nice technique and ideas.

Hope you wont get me wrong but in my opinion your website is not up to your work standards and if you ever consider doing something cool I'd like you to let me know.

I'm a professional designer and programmer, mostly for web but also have a little fun with print and I sometimes do some work without budget just by exchanging work or something to people whose work I admire.

Keep it up,

1shtar said...

hi hugo, I sent you an email, cheers.