Friday, November 18, 2011

Star Trek TNG: I,Borg

I,Borg VARI 700, originally uploaded by 1SHTAR.
I created this poster for Mondo’s Star Trek series. The excerpt below describes it much better then I ever could so I digress

"Mondo regular Jesse Philips returns with a visual ode to the burgeoning individuality experienced by Third of Five/Hugh from the classic Next Generation episode "I, Borg".

Jesse's unique style complements the nature of the episode illustrating the connections Hugh has to the collective as well as the new relationships he develops while on board the Enterprise which awaken the sense of identity suppressed by the collective. X-ray insets throughout the piece remind the viewer that there is flesh...a real heart at the center of the wires and machinery forced upon him by the Borg. The hard realization Picard eventually has to acknowledge in the episode."

Here’s a set on flickr that shows a glimpse into the process of creating this poster


CyBrainX said...

Ok, I've seen this posted in many places.
Where I make the purchase?

CyBrainX said...

Great I found the link and both versions are sold out. Please make more. I want a metallic variant.

1shtar said...

I will let you know when my artist copies will be available. Email if you are interested